Lately I've been messing around with programming. Try some of my programs! 

Auto URL Refresher v1.0 - This application is an Auto Refresher. Set the time you would like any web page to be refreshed, and it will loop a refresh according to the set time. This could prove useful for YouTube, SwagBucks, and many other sites that require consistent refreshing.

Countdown Action Timer v1.0 (Beta) - This application is a timer that can be used to perform a variety of actions, including: Shut Down Computer, Log Off Computer, Restart Computer, or just a normal timer. Use it as a sleep device to turn off your computer in a set amount of time, or just use it as a quick timer to count down until an event.


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Battlefield Heroes - (HD) Bernhardt's Blowlamp / Faust's Panzercutter
Battlefield Heroes - Pilfered AK-74 Gameplay


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