Hello, and welcome to my website. This website is devoted to my love for music. I am Matthew Wyatt, one of the "Wyatt Kids." I really enjoy music, but even more than listening to music, I enjoy playing and writing music. I have composed, already, a few songs for piano, all accompanied by vocals. Next to the piano, I play guitar. I, however, have not composed any vocal accompanied guitar music. I do have chord progressions that I have chosen to go with any vocals that I may have, just no lyrics.

On another note, I love making movies. My sisters and I star in my own creation, "The Oviatt Avengers," the story of a family discovering their supernatural powers, and putting them to the test to scare off bullies and crooks. I also like to make album covers for guitar. I have only made a few, but they turned out well. I want to create a musical band sometime, but for now, I am only uploading my works.


3/20/12| Next in line is the Auto URL Refresher. Try out this must see, latest and greatest application of mine!
3/7/12| After much tweaking, my first ever made application is ready for use! Try out the Countdown Action Timer
12/8/11| New games page added to the browsing bars along the top of the site!
11/4/11| Check out the discussion page! You can comment on current posts and search posts!
11/2/11| The mp3 "Government Machine" is finished and can be listened to and downloaded.
11/2/11| You can now rate videos and find my page on facebook. You can like it via the "Like" button above.
11/1/11| New video: "100 Years (Five for Fighting) Arrangement"
11/1/11| New song: "Government Machine"

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" Do Hard Things "-Alex and Brett Harris

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